Sophie Maliphant [##49024]

Sophie is not only the talented designer of our new 2020 logo, she has also written a book, called The Country that Shook!

Here are her words from her website:

I was in Nepal when the earthquake happened on 25th April 2015. It was a surreal experience to say the least and one that has changed my life.

I travelled back to India a week after the main quake, sleep deprived, terrified of the continuous aftershocks and guilt-ridden to be able to leave when so many others couldn’t. I wrote a short story on the bus, an imaginary tale of a small girl caught up in the quake who falls through a crack to find a sad yeti under the ground who is the reason for the shaking.

Click on the image to go to her website and read more about it, or even buy a copy 🙂