George Maliphant [##43030]

George was the son of Richard Maliphant [##42014]  and his wife Jane, formerly Jane Swift [##42514].
He was born in London on December 28th 1788, he was christened on February 1st 1789 in St George’s, Hanover Square.
In 1809 he was admitted to the Royal Academy Schools.
He married Miriam Sarah Legg [##43530] on October 4th 1816.
Miriam was born in 1797 so she was sev­eral years younger than George.
In 1841 George and Miriam were living in Camberwell and they had 2 servants.
They were in Camden Row, Camberwell from at least 1851.

George died on August 30th 1865, Miriam died in 1868.

From : A Biographical Dictionary of English Architects 1660-1840 by H.M.Colvin. Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford.
GEORGE (c.1788 – ), was a pupil of Charles Beazley. He was admitted to
the Royal Academy Schools in 1809 at the age of 21 and exhibited at the
Academy from 1806 to 1829. He designed a conservatory in Ireland for Sir
R. Levinge, Bt. 1812: the Epis­copal Jew’s Chapel at Bethnal Green,
with G.B us by, 1813-14(Bethnal Green Museum, Catalogue of Drawings and
Prints relating to Hackney and Bethnal Green,1925 No. 125: a villa in
the Highlands for R.Douglas, 1815: Haverstock Lodge, Hampstead, for J.
Lund, 1821: and some cottages at Emberton, Bucks, for John Osmond, 1829.

Pencil Sketches presented to the British Museum by J. Deffett Francis, Esq. December 1874.
George (worked 1806 – 1833). Draughtsman; worked in London; Member of
the Society of British Artists; exhibited architectural drawings at
Suffolk Street and at the Royal Academy, 1806-1833.
1. View of a
Country Seat. View, framed by trees, of a large mansion in a park with a
lake in front. Pencil sketch, washed with water-colour tint; roy 9? x
2. A Chapel in a Wood. A chapel surrounded by trees. Pencil sketch, washed with water­colour tint. roy 9?x14 ins.
A Ruined Abbey. Ruins of an abbey with birch trees in the foreground.
Pencil sketch, washed with water-colour tint; roy., 9? x 14 ins.
4. Part of a Ruined Abbey. With trees on a hill beyond. Pencil sketch, washed with water -colour tint; roy., 9? x 14 ins.
Carisbrooke Castle. View from below the road leading up to the
entrance. Inscribed Carisbrooke Castle. Pencil sketch, washed with
water-colour tint. roy., 9? x 14 ins.

From : Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists up to 1920. H.L.Mallalieu. Pub. 1976
architectural and topographical draughtsman. He was active from 1806
and was a mem­ber of S.B.A., exhibiting with them from 1824 – 1833. His
pencil drawing can be fussy and his washes untidily applied.


MALIPHANT George Member 1824. 20 Blenheim Street, Great Marlborough Street
1824 Design for a Gothic Tomb (Drawing)
Design for a Villa (Drawing)
The Interior of the House of Peers at Paris (Drawing wc or Min) (579)
1825 Perspective View of a Villa designed for a gentleman. (Drawing) (384)
1826 Cottage at Kidwelly, South Wales (wc, Min or Print) (517)
1827 Battle Abbey Gateway, Sussex (wc, Min or Print) (531)
1828 Exterior View of Winchel sea Church (wc, Min or Print) (765)
Entrance Hall and Staircase to Haverstock Lodge: as executed for J.
Lund Esq., Hav­erstock Hill, Hampstead (wc, or Min.) (687)
1831 A Design for the Gallery of Arts, Bolton, Lancashire. (513)
1832 Hatfield House , the seat of the Marquise of Salisbury (wc) (587)
1833 North-east view of a villa erected at West Hill, Wandsworth for W. NEWTON, Esq. (509)

Images of some of his work