Neil Maliphant [##49012]

Neil has been in many bands, with both covers and original tracks and has released singles and albums On iTunes and HMV.
He also enjoys singing solo and has been a Song for Wales finalist 3 times.

He released a personal album in Sept 2012 which he wrote/performed/recorded/produced/mastered himself for the experience and personal achievement at home.

Neil says:
I’m not getting any younger, and am now focussed on writing purely English lyrics rather than bilingual material.
I would love a major artist to use one of my songs.
I would describe my writing as having a good ‘hook’ and melody, they’re radio friendly ‘hits’, it’s just that they are in Welsh at the moment.
I treat every track as best as I can and hope to develop new styles in the future.

I will add to this page in due course, meanwhile here’s one of Neil’s favourite tracks for you to listen to …

Pluen Wen by Neil Maliphant (feat. Aneurin Karadog)

February 5th 2021

Neil sent this message:
Today is Wales Music Day and as a staff band we did a version of an epic classic welsh song called Lleucu Llwyd (a very generous and kind grey girl, or ‘silvery whisp’).

So here it is for you to enjoy 🙂